The Academia of Art 

In recent years I have had the opportunity to work and teach in different public and charter school environments as well as alongside enrichment programs. In every opportunity the goals have always outweighed the obstacles. Especially in seeking  to provide a truly holistic and inquisitive experience to school children. The objective is to facilitate the development of a strong community that values interpersonal and creative ideas. As an artist and educator it is important to advance the cultivation and enlightenment of The Arts as an essential tool. Every interaction is an investment towards building the future of young creatives.

Study on the influence of African Americans in the arts > Focus; Modern art, Art as a narrative, Social representation and visual development. Key contexts: Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, Betye Saar, Gordon Parks, Cab Calloway, Langston Hughes,  and Mahalia Jackson.

My effort as an artist and educator has lead me to a new home. 

Welcome to Visual Arts; Another opportunity to make an impact and invest in young artist.

Mixed media pieces developed when unintentional scribbles become fine art.  

We kicked off the school year with a study on Surrealism, the work of Frida Kahlo and the techniques of portraiture.  

Expressionist Study

Grade 7 - 2018

Acrylic and watercolor on watercolor paper.

A facial expression developed and influenced by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Grade 8 Watercolor

Exploring the process of Lithography - Students were introduced to early Escher prints, and tasked with creating basic prints of their own.

Cubism in the Neo Gen - In this activity young artist became familiar with the works of Picasso and several other notable Cubist. This exercise combined both collage and mixed media.

Line and Movement - The use of motion and its effect on the perception of line, and shape.

Establishing a command and respect for a stigmatic medium; Graffiti

Summer Program with University Settlement Society of New York

Judith Scott: Bound and Unbound @ BK Museum - After exploring the potential for found art creativity, students engaged in creating sculptures from a variety of office supplies.

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